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See Spot….Check Spot!! Skin Cancer Awareness Month

Patient Advocate and Melanoma

Great follow-up to my Sunscreen 101 blog as Melanoma is often caused by exposure to sun. Just one sunburn puts you at a greater risk of skin cancer!!

Raising awareness about skin cancer can increase your chances of early detection so that treatments may be given early. Melanoma is often a deadly form of skin cancer and treatment is normally more effective if detected early.

High levels of sunlight often are the cause of Melanoma. Just one sunburn can cause a mole to become malignant years after the skin has been burnt.

Melanoma is the first-leading cause of death among women ages 25 to 29 and the second-leading cause of death among those ages 30 to 35

All skin tones can get skin cancer. And tanning beds can increase your risk. One tanning session in your lifetime increases your risk of skin cancer. Skin Cancer from a tanning bed has a greater risk to you then getting lung cancer from smoking!!

Prevention and Detection can save your life!! Remember to wear your sunscreen and check for the ABCDE warning signs.

A - Asymmetry

B - Border

C - Color Variation

D - Diameter

E - Evolution, Change

Patient Advocate, Melanoma

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