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What Is A Private Patient Advocate?

A Board Certified Patient Advocate helps patients and their families navigate through the complexities of the Healthcare System.  The goal is to get you the best medical care that you need and deserve.  This might include getting a second opinion, coordinating care between your healthcare team, preparing you for your upcoming appointment, or negotiating insurance claims and medical bills.  Hughes Advocacy can assist you and your loved ones in your medical care journey.


   Questions You Might Ask Yourself When Diagnosed


  • Do I need this surgery or testing?

  • What questions should I ask my Physician?

  • Am I using the best doctor for my specific diagnosis?

  • What are the infection rates at my hospital?

  • How do I get the right diagnosis and treatment?

  • Are my Doctors communicating with each other?

  • Should I go to the Emergency Department or Urgent Care?

Services offered:

Hughes Advocacy assists patients who have just received a new diagnosis, have been misdiagnosed, have a complicated medical history, or assisting adult children with their aging parents. We help our clients get the best medical care that is right for them. This could be things like kidney stone disease, hemorrhoids, Parkinson's, osteoarthritis, lymphedema, brain aneurysm, Alzheimer’s, cancer, esophageal achalasia, AFIB, stroke, chronic back pain, etc.

patient advocate

Some of the services that Hughes Advocacy offers are:


  • Advocacy Services located anywhere in the United States

  • Teleadvocacy 

  • Review your Medical and Medication Records

  • Provide research for a Surgeon or Facility that best fits your Medical Needs

  • Provide Peace of Mind to You and Your Family

  • Exploring all of your different treatment options to include clinical trials

  • Preparing you for upcoming doctors appointments 

  • Medication Management

  • Assist in making informed medical decisions

  • Working as a liaison between my clients and their medical team. This team could be in the ER, in the hospital, for an upcoming procedure, or someone who has multiple doctors. I assist in the Coordination of Care with their Medical Team.

  • Translation of complicated diagnoses, procedures, and treatment plans, leading to better-informed health care decisions

  • Accompanying client's to their doctor's appointments or preparing them for any upcoming appointments.

  • Understand your individualized needs and goals for your care


As a patient advocate, my goal is to be your voice and represent my client in their best interest in any medical situation. To put my client back at the center of their Health.


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