Krista Hughes is the Founder & CEO of Hughes Advocacy, a private patient advocacy firm that helps patients and their families navigate the health care system and get the best medical care possible. She founded Hughes Advocacy to educate and empower patients to be proactive with their health, not reactive. By providing patients with resources, she helps them make informed medical decisions that enhance their lives, ensuring they receive the best patient experience, safety, and quality of care they need and deserve. Understanding that medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the U.S., Hughes Advocacy was founded to help reduce the incidence of medical errors and assist others as they navigate the complexities of the healthcare system.  Ms. Hughes has personally been affected by a medical error.


On behalf of the White House Office of American Innovation, Ms. Hughes was invited to attend the Blue Button 2.0 Developers Conference at the White House to discuss improving patient care. She is an ambassador and committed partner with the Patient Safety Movement Foundation. In addition, she is a Champion for Patients for Patient Safety, U.S., and is an active member of the Greater National Advocates Organization.


Ms. Hughes has over 25 years of experience working in the medical industry. She has a tremendous passion for patients, and her goal as a Healthcare advocate is to be your voice and put you back at the center of your health care! She equips, empowers, educates, and teaches her clients how to get the best medical care they need and deserve. Hughes believes in healthcare for all; we should be treated equally with dignity, compassion, and respect. It is an honor and privilege to assist patients and their loved ones in their health care journey.


Ms. Hughes is a graduate of Auburn University and the University of Alabama, in which she earned a degree in Communicative Disorders. Her company, Hughes Advocacy, is based in Birmingham, Alabama.

I am a Board Certified Patient Advocate through the Patient Advocate Certification Board.   Hughes Advocacy is a member of The Alliance of Professional Health Advocates.  A background check is available upon request.  Moreover, you can compare my credentials with the patient advocate board certification standards. 



Organizational Involvement

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