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How can a Private Patient Advocate benefit Employers - The Cost of a Private Patient Advocate

As Alabama health insurance costs continue to rise with higher deductibles, employees are having to bear more responsibility for managing their health care. As a private patient advocate, Hughes Advocacy, can assist employees with navigating the healthcare maze, understanding the options available, and managing their efforts appropriately. It can be a complicated and stressful process for the employee and their family. To help Alabama employees adjust to these increased responsibilities, employers can offer private patient advocacy services. Some of the benefits of having an advocate for your employer include better employee focus and productivity, healthier and less stressed employees, and lowering costs.

If an employer benefit offer is not available to you at the moment, it is an out of pocket expense and can range anywhere between $75 to $450 an hour depending on the services and location. Companies in Alabama can reach out to their local advocate, Hughes Advocacy, to inquire further about this service.

How do I find a private patient advocate?

It is as simple as reaching out to Hughes Advocacy. Or you can find an advocate located in your area through The AdvoConnection Directory.

Hughes Advocacy is a member of both The Alliance of Professional Health Advocates and National Association of Healthcare Advocacy Consultants. A background check is available through our website. And you can compare our credentials with the patient advocate board certification standards.

We look forward to assisting you with all of your medical wants/needs! Contact Hughes Advocacy today!


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