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The rise of Private Patient Advocates, Healthcare Changers!! Don't be left without one...

Private Patient Advocate

As a Private Patient Advocate, I assist children, middle aged, adult children with aging parents, or any client with a medical situation. I am there to advocate for the most vulnerable of patients. As an advocate, my commitment is to serve and care for my clients.

The Healthcare system is very complex and profit-driven. It is easy for a patient to get lost in the shuffle. Healthcare is undergoing a tremendous amount of change and people are becoming more involved in their health care. The “Baby Boomers” are more reluctant to ask their Doctor questions and just follow “doctors orders” in fear that they are not being respectful. With our generation there has been a major shift. Being able to question your Physician and finding solutions to your health is in no way of disrespect . But rather putting you back at the center of your health care ensuring you are getting the best care that you deserve.

Many people are worried that by having a Private Patient Advocate will offend their Physician and be adversarial. However, I have found that Doctors would rather spend 5 minutes speaking with me, as a Medical Professional, than 30 minutes with a patient that is overwhelmed and/or emotional. The Physicians know that I will take the time to educate my client after their appointment.

I often hear from clients that they can “Dr Google” for themselves. Or that they are not unintelligent and can figure it out on their own. Hiring a Private Patient Advocate is just like hiring a mechanic for your car, a wealth manager for your finances, or a lawyer for your legal/tax needs. They are experts in their Profession. As a Private Patient Advocate, I am an expert in the Medial Industry and can assist you in making informed medical decisions. Hiring a Private Patient Advocate is like having someone on your team/family to be your voice and assist you with navigating thru the system.

Preventable medical errors are the 3rd leading cause of death in the United States, after heart disease and cancer. That is an estimated 440,000 people dying a year as a result of a medial error. With these concerning statistics you might want to consider hiring a private patient advocate. My job is to help my clients navigate the healthcare landscape and ensure you receive the best care possible. Contact Hughes Advocacy for a free 15 minute consultation to see if I can assist you or your family with your Medical Needs.


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