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Improving Patient-Centered Outcomes

How can Hughes Advocacy assist your Healthcare System to improve patient-centered outcomes? We offer a consulting data analytic service that is vital in enhancing and analyzing the patient/provider experience. We genuinely believe that with the right data and methods, providers can transform healthcare and improve the quality of care delivered to the patients that you serve.

Reliable data is critical, timely, and needed to be transparent in Healthcare. Hughes Advocacy can provide you with direct insight into quality information needed to improve patient-centered outcomes. Poor data could potentially affect your facilities patient-centered outcomes and the process that you implement.

Hughes Advocacy can improve patient outcomes by improving the process. We enhance these measures through transparency, integrated care, and interoperability.

Hughes Advocacy’s primary focus is on quality and to improve the care experience at the lowest cost. Our ultimate goal is to lower cost, provide better care, and improve patient satisfaction.

For more information, please reach out to Krista Hughes at or visit our website at


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