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For Immediate Press Release

Hughes Advocacy has Joined the Patient Safety Movement Foundation as a Committed Partner

Brazil-June 19th, 2018- As a Committed Partner, Hughes Advocacy will demonstrate alliance with the Patient Safety Movement Foundation by the following:

  1. Spread the mission of 0X2020 to Hughes Advocacy members.

  2. Encouraging other patient advocates to become involved in the Movement by sharing their personal stories so the Patient Safety Movement Foundation can spread awareness and put a face to a preventable error and mistake to educate and advocate for change.

  3. Annually disseminate Actionable Patient Safety Solution (APSS) to Hughes Advocacy members.

  4. Ask members who are leaders working in hospitals to implement APSS, or share their own successful processes, to eliminate preventable deaths. And, make their own commitments to action to the Patient Safety Movement Foundation.

“At Hughes Advocacy, we understand the power of shared learning,” said Krista Hughes CEO of Hughes Advocacy. “We look forward to working closely with the Patient Safety Movement Foundation to help eliminate preventable patient deaths together.”

More than 3,000,000 people worldwide, and 200,000+ people in the United States die every year in hospitals in ways that could have been prevented. It is the 3rdleading cause of death in the US and the cost is close to $1.44 Trillion. The Patient Safety Movement Foundationis a non-profit that is working with all stakeholders, including patients, healthcare providers, medical technology companies, government, employers, and private payers. Their mission and public commitment is to eliminate preventable patient deaths by the year 2020 (0x2020). Their annual World Patient Safety, Science & Technology Summit presents specific, actionable solutions to meet patient safety challenges and highlights the hospitals’ commitments to implement Actionable Patient Safety Solutions and medical technology companies that have pledged to share data.


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