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The Who/What/Why of Patient Advocacy!

Who/What/Why of Patient Advocacy

Did you know that Medical Errors are the 3rd leading cause of Death in the United States? And more than 20% of Patients are being Misdiagnosed by their Primary Care Physician? What can a Patient do to prevent this from happening to them or a loved one?

Well, the new idea whose time has come is the Private Patient Advocate. They can assist their patients navigate through the Healthcare System and represent the patient’s best interest in any medical situation!

So, here are the 3 W’s of Patient Advocacy:

WHO might need a Private Patient Advocate?

  • Adult children with aging parents

  • Out-of-town adult children with aging parents

  • Someone with a new diagnosis

  • A Patient that has been misdiagnosed

  • Patients that have a complicated and complex medical history

  • Patients with more than one Doctor

WHAT are some things that a Private Patient Advocate can do:

  • Medication Management

  • Attend doctors appointments

  • Coordinate Care with your Medical Team. This could be in the ER, a Patient who is currently in the hospital, someone about to have surgery, or a patient with multiple doctors.

  • Help you explore different treatment options

  • Assist you and your family in making informed medical decisions

  • Ensuring you are seeing the correct Doctor/Specialist

  • Help you better understand your diagnosis

  • Translate detailed Medical Information

  • Assist in getting a second opinion

  • Educate the Patients and their Families

  • Provide Peace of Mind to the Patients and Calm nerves in a stressful situation

WHY would you hire a Private Patient Advocate:

  • To ensure You have the right Physician to treat You and Your diagnosis

  • To be Your voice

  • To assist You in Navigating thru the complex health care system

  • To help You prepare for any upcoming Doctors appointments to maximize the 8 to 15 minutes allotted for that visit

  • To act as a liaison between You and Your Medical Team

  • To handle all of Your medical needs getting You the best care that You deserve

  • In the stress of a Medical event, to be able to give and gather all important information on Your behalf

If you are interested in hearing more about how a Private Patient Advocate could help you, please contact Hughes Advocacy for more information. I would love to assist you and your family with any concerns that you might have.

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