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Hughes Advocacy Data Consulting Services

Hughes Advocacy is also a data consulting company that can provide data to hospitals in a unique way to indeed help empower the patient and improve their experience and quality of care.  I am currently the only company in the United States that offers this specific data.  Also, we provide a proprietary solution that would be cost-effective to hospitals to ensure that the patient is directly engaged in their healthcare.  Not only through communication and partnering with their healthcare team but also through education.   We have developed a program that is a game changer in the healthcare industry and a cost-effective solution.  


Hughes Advocacy helps Healthcare facilities increase efficiency and simplify the patient experience within a health system.


Hughes Advocacy offers a unique niche in consulting healthcare systems to improve the quality of care to their patients throughout the entire continuum of the facility.  Hughes Advocacy collects data and concerns directly from the patients in which you serve.  We then provide feedback directly to the Healthcare System to improve patient satisfaction.  The data collected by Hughes Advocacy is not from a “survey” but real life situations that the patient and their loved ones encounter.


We not only provide patient-specific experiences and information but also offer solutions and assist in implementing strategies to help improve hospital ratings.


As a private patient advocate, we work directly with the patients throughout their medical journey.  We experience the real issues/concerns at the patients level.  


For more information, reach out to Hughes Advocacy at

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