As COVID continues to spread throughout Alabama, Hughes Advocacy wants to provide you with the resources and support that you and your family need during this emotional and stressful time. If you need assistance with Telehealth or accessing care, please reach out to get the help that you need.

What Is A Private Patient Advocate?

A Board Certified Patient Advocate assists patients and their families in navigating through the complexities of the Healthcare System.  The goal is to get you the best medical care that you need and deserve.  This might include getting a second opinion, coordinating care between your healthcare team, preparing you for your upcoming appointment or negotiating insurance claims and medical bills.




Questions You Might Ask Yourself When Diagnosed


  • Do I need this surgery or testing?

  • What questions should I ask my Physician?

  • Am I using the best doctor for my specific diagnosis?

  • What are the infection rates at my hospital?

  • How do I get the right diagnosis and treatment?

  • Are my Doctors communicating with each other?

  • Should I go to the Emergency Department or Urgent Care?






Did You Know…..


  • Did you know that 40% of all recommended surgeries are unnecessary? (And almost as many diagnoses are incorrect.) 

  • Did you know that hospitals with low Medicare ratings have higher rates of death?

  • Did you know asking the right questions about health care can save you time, expense, and worry? 

  • 1 in 3 Patients Needlessly Suffer or Die from Preventable “Adverse Events” 

  • Patients forget most of what their doctors are saying

  • Medical Errors are the 3rd leading cause of death in the United States after heart disease and cancer

  • 88% of second opinions are different

  • 79% of medical errors are due to communication errors

  • 22 people a minute are misdiagnosed



Below are what I like to call "NEVER' events....they should "never" happen to you while you are in the hospital A Board Certified Patient Advocate can educate you and your loved ones in hopes that they 'NEVER' happen to you!  Click on each below to learn more.


  • MRSA                                                                               

  • C diff.                                                            

  • Staph 

  • Medication Mix-ups                                                        

  • Urinary Tract Infection                                

  • Falls 

  • Bedsores                                                                        

  • Blood Infection                                           

  • Blood Clots 

  • Sepsis                                                                              

  • Pneumonia